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Robot Technical Overview
We offer a platform that is open, transparent, secure, and easy to deploy on your own.
Writing and looking at code in G1ANT means that you always know what automation does with your data. If any errors or performance bottlenecks arise, the tool never gives you a generic "error" message – we highlight the exact line and tell you exactly what went wrong and how to improve your automation.

With support for Java, Python, C#, and common programming languages, G1ANT can be picked up and implemented by any IT staff, without needing speciality certifications or training. Our code is object-oriented, a primary IT paradigm crucial for programmers.
It guarantees a modular build, stability, and high performance.

G1ANT is partly open-source, with all of its code audited and deemed appropriate even for high-risk data (banking, insurance, military, health).
We are featuring an innovative automation language, fantastic documentation, and support for every single desktop or web applications.

For particularly large-scale applications and deployments, we offer a particular Enterprise version of the software.
The Enterprise edition has built-in integrations for Google Docs, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Google OCR, Selenium, IBM Watson, and Java.

These are pre-configured and fully supported (as opposed to installing addons on your own).

G1ANT Enterprise also features an Orchestrator module – a unique admin dashboard for managing and deploying multiple automations at a time.

This is particularly useful at scale, where system administrators and DevOps engineers can quickly and easily manage even hundreds of servers with thousands of users from a single remote screen. No need to connect to each server separately!
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