Partnership Business Proposition
Dear Partner!

We will work with you to ensure you're always delivering
the best possible software to your clients and working
with an automation tool developers will love.

Let's do Business together!
Anastasia Paruntseva
Global Business Development Director @ G1ANT

Chapter 1
Discover G1ANT
G1ANT became a Software Reviews
RPA Magical Quadrant 2021 Champion
G1ANT is one of the champions of the 2021 Robotic Process Automation Emotional Footprint.

We are among the TOP 3 RPA companies according to the SoftwareReviews reports.

We are grateful that the industry recognised our strength and put us alongside the market's biggest players. Our open, transparent, secure, easy to deploy, script-based software is getting positive industry feedback and motivates us to improve it continuously.

You can read the full report below
G1ANT successfully implemented
a cross-marketing Partnership Program
In today's competitive economy,
cultivating strategic partner relationships
is crucial to any company's long-term success.

G1ANT recognises the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing a profitable agreement with partners.

At G1ANT partners are a valuable asset.
We do not consider our partners just as
an outlet for our services, but as a part
of the G1ANT Team & happy to take part
in their promotion & brand awareness
increasing activities.

Around the world, our partners work
together to provide customers the
best possible terms for buying and
using our solutions.

Discover the power of cross-marketing
and learn how our strategic partners can get even more profit out of the software joint venture with G1ANT
RPA Webinars
We organise & conduct RPA-related webinars for your internal group of customers. Webinar purpose is to bring more knowledge regarding innovation technology and it's business opportunities & open the eyes of your existing clients regarding the future of RPA in their companies.
Content Generation
Our marketing team will support you with all content generation job regarding new RPA opportunities in your company by preparing personalised branded materials, mailing templates & landing pages to attract even more existing & new clients towards RPA discovery.
Go-to-target promotion
We help building the right marketing strategy for RPA-related services, help with lead generation activities set up & use our own marketing forces to give your new RPA offer a massive kick-off on a market. Our software marketing experts are providing our strategic partners with a 360 degree consultancy.

Chapter 2
Our RPA Software
The power of code-based solution
learn how G1ANT.Studio platform will help you to automate your success
Customisation + Flexibility = Freedom
Transparent open code
Higher level of security & data control
Light, simple & fast
No integration limits
Ability to respond to
the market faster
Made by developers
for developers = Intuitive usage
No long-learning process
or extra HR involvement
No paid premium features /
No scaling limits
As an RPA software vendor we invest 100% of effort into our own software platforms development. Several years ago this approach lead to the decision not to take on board any custom implementations any more.
From now on we pass all of the incoming customised projects requests through our strategic partnerships chain, while our developers can fully focus on G1ANT.Studio & G1ANT.Orchestrator evolution.

For our strategic partners it means not only a two-way journey, when they can get extra customers from vendor but also it means that we do not compete internally with our partners and are not located in the same service niche.
— Tom Kmiecik, G1ANT Co-founder & CEO

Chapter 3
Cooperation terms
Partnership Program Excellence
learn why G1ANT is a chosen strategical partner for many companies worldwide
150+ partners globally
$ 4 000 000 invested into the software development
Simple & understandable pricing
over 35 000 users registered
Clear commission structure
the most flexible RPA vendor
* based on our existing partners feedbacks
Roadmap customisation
Great marginality
100% robot margin > 100% implementation margin > 20% software license margin
G1ANT.Community benefits
Personal Partnership Manager
Support during the whole partnership live cycle: marketing & sales strategy consultancy, training with live customers, help in opening & closing first 3 deals
Why Become a Software Partner?
Become a part of a world-class development environment & make community
collaboration a reality!
Becoming a member of G1ANT award-winning Software Partner program is a joint long-term commitment based on a shared vision on our synergy and common value proposition to the market. The partnership is led by the objective for growing a business for mutual success.
Being part of our community enables the partner to benefit from a world-class development environment and the cooperation with G1ANT Dev & Business teams.
Joining forces with G1ANT will help partners to increase their visibility in the marketplace, develop their position and market coverage. Partners receive the support they need to grow their business.
Long-term partnership for mutual benefits
From software specification to software launch, from contract signature to market success, G1ANT and their partners establish a win-win relationship which is built for the long run. Following the cooperative definition of the product intent and business plan, partners can have the confidence to embark in a winning strategy which meets the market demand.
Partners are part of the development community and get the support to efficiently define, develop and launch their product. The same G1ANT.Studio & G1ANT.Orchestrator development environment that is used for the creation of our own portfolio, together with skill building resources, such as education licenses, support hotline, trainings and seminars, enable partners to reach their objectives, reduce their development cost and optimize their return on investment.
For the global community of Software Partners, G1ANT provides the environment for collaboration – with customers, partners and development teams - to enable exchange, innovation, and sharing of knowledge. Presentation of solutions and collaboration on business opportunities between partners and G1ANT channels is an explicit focus to support coordinated selling.
Your Joint Venture with G1ANT
in 12 simple steps:
NDA Signature
your draft document is here
Demo Presentation of G1ANT
cover business needs & technical needs
Technology Audit
See what's behind us with a 1-month free,
non-commercial usage license.
Reseller Agreement Signature
find your draft document here
Training Session
both technical & business oriented
Partnership Dashboard Access
get your personal cabinet for the smooth
work with our software
Partnership DevOps Access
have a joint work space with
G1ANT RPA experts
Automate Your Own Business for Free
get your personal 5 free of charge
G1ANT.Studio Partner licenses
for the internal usage
Implementation Support
do your first implementations
with the support of G1ANT SLA
Sales Support
Get New Customers from the G1ANT
database under 20% success fee per project.
Training with live customers, help in opening
& closing first 3 deals
Cross-Marketing Support
get even more promotional options using
G1ANT marketing forces : www, social media,
webinars & much more...
Regular Follow Up
Discuss your business model & get
a regular personal consultation with our
Global Business Development Director
on a monthly basics

Chapter 4
Price List

per annum

per annum

per session

Chapter 5
Freemium License
In order to create your account in G1ANT.Studio please click on the button.

Now, all you need to do is login on MyAccount, where you can find the Download button >
After downloading our software all you need to do is to run G1ANT.Studio >
After running the app it will ask you for the Serial Number which you can find in the panel as marked below:
Check our Manual and see for yourself how easy to use our
software solution is

Chapter 6
Your success is our success. G1ANT software is transparent, flexible, lightweight and secure. Help your existing clients save money with automation and win new customers by expanding your offer with one of the most- in-demand services in IT.

  • Save time and money for your customers
  • Win new clients and expand to new markets
  • Join 150+ G1ANT Partners to scale your network

Anastasia Paruntseva
Global Business Development Director @ G1ANT
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